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CDS 2018: Know Your Preferences Before Applying

    CDS application process has already started and the examination is scheduled to be held on February 4, 2018. At the right time, applicants should have proper information about various categories in order of preference while filling the online application for UPSC CDS

    It is of utmost importance for an applicant to choose their preference after a proper analysis of the available options. Sometimes they lack knowledge about these which can create a problem in the end. For instance, if an applicant gives priority to Indian Military Academy, Officer’s Training Academy will be considered as the last preference by default. Therefore, we have examined the eligibility and benefits of all the preferences.

    What are the Possible Preferences for Which an Applicant Can Apply?

    It is a very common aspect that CDS is a written examination, once the examinees are shortlisted on the basis of it, they are interviewed by Service Selection Board. In the meantime, they are allowed to put up their preferences for the institutions they want to join through the examination. And the success in the interview ensures their selection. On the basis of merit list which is being published through the written examination, candidates are provided with his or her preference of academy in which he or she wants to get trained.
    In order to have a successful career, one needs to know at first whether the preference for which he or she is applying will be good enough or not. According to resources, candidate can apply for the following preferences:
    1.      Indian Military Academy, Dehradun
    2.      Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
    3.      Air Force Academy, Hyderabad
    4.      Officer’s Training Academy, Chennai

    Pros and Cons of All the Preferences

    But before an individual applies for these four categories as preference, s/he needs to know about the pros and cons of these categories, the basic eligibility criteria, how he or she can be benefited by the same. First of all, we need to analyze the basic eligibility criteria before applying to the above-mentioned preferences.
    Now we need to analyze the basic eligibility criteria and the advantages for the same number of categories so that the applicants do not face any problem. This is a fact that every candidate needs to fulfill the basic nationality criteria.

    1)                  Indian Military Academy (IMA):
    Located in Dehradun, the academy offers a total number of 100 seats, and within this mentioned number, a total 13 seats are reserved especially for the NCC ‘C’ certified individuals.
    Only those candidates are allowed to apply who do not have a marital status and age ranges from 19 to 24 years. If we consider the educational qualification, then the applicants must have a degree from a renowned university. It is a well-known fact that the advantages of joining Indian Military Academy are immense.

    The selected set of people will definitely enjoy a defined job security as well as they will get the benefits after their retirement. While being in the academy, one can experience a huge range of benefits such as good food, secured salary, accommodation, medical assurance and much more. Apart from this, no job can ever match the respect and reputation which is earned by an IMA. 

    2)                  Indian Naval Academy (INA):
    The academy offers a total number of 45 vacancies among which 6 number of seats are specially reserved for the individuals who hold the NCC ‘C’ certificate. Unmarried male candidates within the age group of 19-22 years can select INA as their preference. One needs to have a basic Engineering degree to apply for this post.

    Being in such a respectful position, one gets to explore the world and the various leadership opportunities which are associated with it. Apart from this, the basic amenities such as health care, travel concessions, accommodation, food supply are also being provided in this case.

    3)                  Air Force Academy (AFA):
    Located in Hyderabad, it provides a total number of 12 vacancies for the aspirants. Only unmarried males can apply for AFA with the age limit between 20-24 years. One needs to have a basic degree from a recognized university with the proper knowledge of Physics and Mathematics of 10+12 standard. Air Force Academy offers the facilities of free education, a large number of opportunities as well as an employment which comes as a guarantee.

    4)                  Officer’s Training Academy:
    Located in Chennai, this academy holds a total number of 225 positions of which 50 seats are pre-reserved for the NCC ‘C’ certificate holders present. Apart from this, it provides an additional 12 number of vacancies for the female aspirants.
    Both male and female candidates can apply for OTA. Unmarried males with the age limit of 19-25 years can apply, and also, unmarried women, issue-less divorcees can apply who have not remarried. The basic educational qualification includes a proper degree from a renowned university. The major benefit, in this case, is its flexibility towards female applicants as well as the option where the candidates can choose to leave after a minimum service period of 10 years. If an individual exit after a service period of 10 years, a salary of the next 20 months will be awarded to him/her.

    Apart from this, one needs to analyze the feedback received from the different preferences and then they need to proceed according to that. According to resources, CDA centers are widespread over different parts of the country and this is a fact that the registration fees are also very optimal which is approximated to be 200. Before appearing for the examination, one needs to know about the examination pattern, according to resources, it has been stated that English, General Knowledge and Elementary Mathematics are the integral sections of the paper corresponding to IMA or INA or AFA. While in case of OTA, Elementary Mathematics section is absent. With a proper preparation, it is not at all difficult to crack CDA, provided that an individual is well-aware of his or her preferences. 

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