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Computer Terminology Knowledge Questions Day-11 20 questions Total 317 questions For All Competitive Exams

Basic Computer Questions for all competitive Exams Day-11 Written as on 26-10-2017

101) The first microprocessor was introduced by
A) Microsoft
B) Intel
D) Apple

102) IBM Stands for
A) International Beuro of Machines
B) International Business Manufacturers
C) Intel and Byron Management
D) International Business Machine

103) The component use in III Generation computer is
A) Vaccum tubes

104) Expansion of EBCDIC is
A) Extended Basic Coded Decimal Information Code
B) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Information Code
C) Extended Basic Coded Decimal Instruction Code
D) Extended Basic Coded Decimal Interchange Code

105) The speed of computer is determined by its
A) Data bus width
B) Memory Capacity
C) Register
D) Hard Disk capacity

106) CISC Stands for
A) Complex Instruction Set Computer
B) Combined Instruction Set Computer
C) Complex Instruction Set Character
D) Complex Instruction Search Character

107) RISC Stands for
A) Related Instruction Set Computer
B) Repeated Instruction Set Computer
C) Reduced Instruction Set Computer
D) Reused Instruction Set Computer

108) An Expansion card is also called  
A) Port
B) Adapter
C) Regulator
D) Expander

109) Which of the following is not a high level languge

110) The costliest memory in computer is
C) Cache
D) Hard Disk

111) BIOS Means
A) Binary Information of system
B) Basic input output system
C) Beginning Information of system
D) Beginning Instruction of system

112) Virtual memory is
A) A portion of RAM
B) A separate memory available in CPU
C) A Portion of Hard Disk
D) A chip like ROM

113) Formatting a disk means
A) To format the size of the disk
B) To format the data on the disk
C) To prepare the disk for use
D) To make disk as write protected

114) Hard disk is meant for
A) Read only
B) Write only
C) Read and write
D) Primary Storage

115) The printer which is mainly used for engineering, drafting and graphics
A) Inkjet
B) Laser
C) Dot Matrix
D) Plotter

116) WORM Stands for
A) Write once read many
B) Write once return many
C) Write once read memory
D) Working Memory

117) An output is displayed on monitor is
A) Hard Copy
B) Soft Copy
C) Permanent Output
D) Audio Output

118) Which is the following is an impact printer?
A) Laser Printer
B) Inkjet Printer
C) Plotters
D) Dot Matrix Printer

119) Pixel is a
A) Graph
B) Map
C) Picture Element
D) A software

120) Which of the following items is not an output device?
A) CRT Monitor
B) Dot Matrix Printer
C) Voice Recognition Device

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