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A common tendency to be found among various Indian students is an aspiration to study in foreign universities. A recent study shows that there has been a steady increase in the no. of students traveling abroad to study. India has even surpassed China in a number of students studying in foreign universities. Almost 20% of the student population travels abroad as it finds the Indian educational system is not at par with the foreign education system.

One of the main reasons for such brain drain is the lack of liberty available to the students to choose a stream of their choice. Many students who want to specialize in a field apart from academics are prone to criticism from the society. They are often forced to opt for career options such as engineering, medical CAs etc. thus they are expected to toil to compete in the prestigious entrances such as JEE MAIN 2018, NEET 2018, CA-CPT instead of working in their area of interest.
Such students are tempted to go to foreign countries which include music, art, sports besides academics in their curriculum. The US, where nearly 45% of international students are Indians, include arts, sports, music, and theatre in their syllabus. Australia focuses on sports thereby making cricket, hockey, and boxing as a part of their curriculum.

Apart from diverse choices, another constraint of the educational system is the priority on the theoretical aspect of the subject matter. Less focus is given to the practical knowledge regarding the subject. Foreign universities, on the other hand, provide more practical knowledge with the inclusion of advanced technology in their pedagogy. As a consequence of less priority given to practical knowledge, Indian universities are able to produce bright minds but are unable to capitalize on these bright minds.

Performance evaluation needs modification in the educational system. It is based on the grades and certificates bagged by the student. Students are marked for their memory and not their understanding about the subject matter. Route learning forms the basis of this performance evaluation. And these same marks and grades are considered during the placement sessions carried out in the colleges. 
However, the same entrance exams form the basis of providing quality engineers to the country which are in high demand in all these foreign countries. Sundar Pichai the CEO of Google is a result of the same JEE MAIN exam who is now in charge of the world’s biggest virtual company if you want to become like him then you should surely give JEE MAIN 2018 exam. Majority of technical and mathematical tasks are performed by Indians in the US.

The Indian educational system provides the base for the students for all the fields that can be available to them in the future. They get a brief insight of all the subject matters providing them with a better understanding to make a better academic decision.
There does exist certain malpractices in our educational system but let us not turn a blind eye towards the in-depth knowledge imparted by our universities. Also with the advent of time, a change can be seen in the system implying a bright future ahead for our future generations.


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